banSHIELD Store

banSHIELD Store

banSHIELD is a powerful security software suite. It was developed in response to an alarming rise in the number of infected computers we encountered. We put together a better set of tools to keep your computer and your data safe.

banSHIELD is not a single software application. And while we created some of its components, it does not come from any one vendor. Instead, we selected the best tools for the purpose and constantly evaluate them in view of the latest threats. We also provide proprietary solutions to give you added layers of security.

We take two approaches to dealing with protecting your data. The first strategy is, of course, prevention. We take a multi-layered approach, giving your computer multiple lines of defense. Plus we offer enterprise-grade backup solutions, designed to keep your data safe and you up and running through any disaster short of the fall of civilization.

But if your computer is already compromised, we also offer tools to eliminate malware and restore your data and computer system. We have a full portfolio of applications to seek out and destroy nearly every threat to your computing safety. And when necessary, a computer using the full banSHIELD system may be completely rebuilt and ready for you to resume working in well under a half hour, depending upon how much software you have installed!

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